Tuesday, 28 October 2008

craft room stuff

My lovely brother brought me a great present up on sunday a new desk for my craft room its lovely perfect for putting all my stuff on.
Its the desk from his bedroom bless him and he knew i was looking for one so he decided he didnt need it anymore he even put it all up for me.
its perfect you'll have to tell me what you think?
i've finally got batteries for camera so i've put photos before new desk and after.
boring to some i know but most of you will understand the excitementx

Emma x


Kath said...

You need to link to Dawn's blog to win the candy....but thank you for also giving me the chance to see your lovely craft room

Dawn said...

Aww your room looks so calm and peaceful and how nice of your brother to give you his desk.


Rach said...

a lovely room in the making, love the walls, how kind of your brother to give you his desk...hugs rachxx

Kath said...

What a kind brother you have giving you his desk for your craft room.
of course, you can join in the challenge at Tag You're It...we would love to have you join in

lola rose said...

He's a cool brother : ) That's a lovely big workspace you have there Emma. I like those stacking containers too - they save loads of space don't they?