Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What a sight!!!!

2nd Feb 09

This is the sight which greeted me when I got home from work this afternoon (had to finish early and send all the children home from nursery due to worsening weather conditions!!!!)
thought I would share these pics with you all.......we havn't seen snow like this in our area since i was about 11! lol and i'm nearly 30 (well in 29 days!!!!!)

Jack rolling the snowman's head!

Daddy rolling the snowman's body!

gathering body parts!!!!!

yeah a snow blobby thingy.....!!!

The ensuing mega snowball fight when snowy blobby thingy gave up his exsistence to become snowball backups lol!!!

Back soon with some cards!!
Emma xxx


Donna said...

Fab photos Emma, looks like your boys both had fun in the snow :) Donna x

Dawn said...

Looks like fun but glad it's not me!!! I hate the bloomin' white stuff!

silvia said...

WOW!!! That's a LOT of snow!!! Great pics!!!