Friday, 5 June 2009

Make way for the new kid on the

Well I have spent the best part of the afternoon with Jack (who is 7) watching through squinted eyes as he rifled through my craft stuff to make a card for his dad's birthday tommorow he chose all his things and do you know he has done a fantastic job (he loves crafty stuff and thats what he asked santa for last christmas) in fact he was so pleased 'he' decided he 'needed' a blog

He takes his own photos too as you can see lol.....!

Jacks Blog

he would be thrilled if you would like to visit and maybe leave a comment on his card...


CraftyC said...

Its a great card Emma, I will pop over to his blog and say Hi!

Dawn said...

Awwww Emma how adorable and ooh me thinks there is a budding crafter there!!

Have an award for you!!


coldwaters2 said...

Wow he's is good I will pop over and leave a comment.

Lorraine x


Wow Jack - your card is fantastic! I love the colours, and the image you have used. Your Dad will be so pleased with his card! Please thank your Mum for leaving me a kind comment, and it's nice to know you also live in West Yorkshire as I live in Leeds. Lots of love (but I'm guessing you don't like kisses)!!!! Sylvia.