Thursday, 16 July 2009

A Kind Award.....

I received this lovely award from Alysabeth today she visited my blog and also left some lovely comments about it on her blog....
The rules of this blog are I have to pass it on to five others who's blogs inspire me so i'd like to pass it to

Dawny P
Your blogs never fail to impress ladies what a talented bunch you are!!!!!
Edited to say oops I cant count!


Kirsten said...

Hey hun thanks for thinking of me!!! will post it to my blog on saturday got to go now and iron clothes for tommorrow lol i dont do ironing ....hugs kisrten...x

Dawny P said...

Well firstly, mahoosive congrats to you for getting this in the first place love xxx And secondly, mahoosive thank yous for thinking of me. I'll get it on the blog right away. Hugs, Dawny xxxx

Tasha said...

Ah thank you hun thats such a wonderful honour i really appreciate that!
And you really deserve the award yourself! Thank you so much

love tasha xx

Kath said...

you are such a sweetheart Emma...thank you so much for this award and if I inspire you just a little bit...I am chuffed....Big Hugs Kath xxxxx