Friday, 20 February 2009

Can anyone point me in the right direction????

I have been blog hopping a lot recently and I am seeing lots of fabulous spring blog makeovers...beautiful,beautiful blogs!!
then I head home to mine and although I love it its a little dark and wintery so i would love to change it for something a little more 'spring like' with a brown, mint and pink theme (and butterflies..of course lol!!) so I maybe wouldn't have to change my header (as this was one I bought as I am much too rubbish to make my own... hmmm! maybe I should try that again this aft) so if you know of any free sites apart from 'the cutest blog on the block' as i have scoured their files lol I would be grate ful if you would give me a nudge in the right direction......
lots of love hugs'n' stuff


clare said...

hi Emma...hope this can help you..pop over to my blog..and on my sidebar..there is a link for blog layouts and headers..its called hippo scraps..that all ashley ask of you is to put the little hippo on your blog as a bit of advertise..if just had a quick look on there...and on the first page..there one you might like called"a thing of beauty"and its got butterflies on it.
hope this helps.
good luck clare xx

Jackie said...


What about these

Jo Austin said...

Hi hunny.

It's dead easy to do your headers etc... if you need something, let me know what you're after, colours etc and I'll sort it for you this weekend